Message from the Chief

I would like to welcome all the aspiring students from all over Nepal to study their chosen subjects in Bachelor in Arts (BA) and Master in Arts (MA) levels at Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, which bears a historic identity in Nepalese education history. Obviously, they must be seeking for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE in Humanities and Social Sciences!!!


Dr. Jivandhar Jnawali

Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus has become the first choice of conscious students from all over Nepal for decades because of its dedicated and hardworking teaching team. Every department comprises lecturers, Associate Professors and professors who are experts in their respective fields. Thus, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus has become the center of excellence and the first hunt for those who are seeking quality education under Humanities and Social Sciences. Besides classroom academics, uncompromising quality is easily seen in researches conducted by students, and the guidance provided by supervisors is of the finest quality. This is another prominent feature of this campus. RR Campus has preserved its long-standing quality and upheld the prestige of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of TU.

RR Campus has been continuously running 15 different departments of Humanities and Social Sciences for the last six decades. RR Campus has been continuously offering majors in Nepali, English, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Home Science, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Population Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Rural Development, etc.

From this year, RR Campus has offered Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) in the morning shift. We had to stop receiving forms for this year due to the overflow of students in BSW. From this year, we have added one more Master’s Degree syllabus in Political Science. Similarly, Ratna Rajyalaxmi is also going to run M Phil in English from the next academic year. Moreover, running the Central Department of Journalism and Mass Communication within the premises of Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus is a pride for this campus.

It has well-maintained labs in various subjects like Home Science, Geography, Music, and Journalism, and Mass Communication, etc. All equipment in Photo Lab, Television Lab, FM Radio, Music Lab, Geography Lab with GIS (Geological Information System), Home Science Lab, Psychology Lab, etc. are being upgraded and will be upgraded very soon. We have already managed modern equipment in photo, television and radio labs. Installation of necessary audio-visual and multi-media facilities according to the need of the concerned subject is being done. We have been continuously trying our best to make the library of this campus resourceful and our services effectively.

We make human beings more human here.